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DarkHeart Productions
Hello! I am DarkHeart Productions, a producer from San Diego, California. I have been making beats since 2016. I was very bad at it, like, really bad. I first used Magix Music Maker until I realized how bad it was. I later read their Terms of Use and saw that you can not make any sort of money and that anything you mix is still their's. So, I decided to use a better program, it allowed you to claim the track completely. That was Pocketband, it was discontinued in the early August of 2018 due to money problems and not having the ability to pay for the servers, but I stopped using it February 27, 2018. Click here to see my profile. Then I found FL Studio, I used the demo version for awhile, about two months. I also tried ableton, but did not like it. I then bought FL Studio 20 Signature, and here I am now.